How To Shop For Clothes More Sustainably All Year Round

Shop Clothes More Sustainably All Year Round
2021 highlighted the increased demand for smart shopping with the pandemic accelerating consumers interest in sustainable goods ahead of 2022. Now in 2022, it is more important than ever that we are conscious of the effects of our purchases. The fashion industry more than ever (specifically the fast fashion sector), has a key role and responsibility in fighting the climate crisis, but as consumers we also have the power to inspire change! By making small swaps and becoming more conscious consumers, not only can we have a positive impact on the wider environment, but the ability to encourage change in others by educating them as well. Check out our round up of top tips and swaps you can make on how to shop for clothes more sustainably all year. 

1. Support sustainable & smaller brands

Like us, there are a whole host of sustainable brands that focus on giving back to the planet in different ways. Here at Kanula, we focus on giving back to our precious sea life by donating a percentage of every purchase sold to The Sealife Conservancy. We love Big Wild Thought, who also donate proceeds with every purchase to wildlife charities! Or, opt for small locally owned brands over large corporations - not only are you helping the environment but supporting locally owned businesses as well as their dream! Small, locally-owned brands are much more likely to be able to provide you with detailed information on ethical practises, how they source their clothes, what kind of packaging and materials they use. If you are ever unsure, ask so you can make an informed decision!

2. Become a more informed shopper - think before you buy!

Fast fashion is exactly what it says on the tin - designed for people to make speedy purchases with sometimes very little thought behind how much we will wear it, where the garment has come from and the implications of buying from fast fashion companies. Of course, we need to put a huge level of responsibility on the fast fashion brands when it comes to the devastating environmental effects, but as consumers we are also able to make our own choices and by simply pausing to reflect before we buy can make such a difference! Livia Firth, founder of Eco Age, coined the '30 wear test' - encouraging shoppers every time they buy something to question if they would be able to get 30 wears out of it - if the answer is yes, to go for it! Checkout #30wears on socials to get involved, this is a great tool to use to really get you thinking about the durability and usage of your purchases!

3. Create a capsule wardrobe

 Here at Kanula, we are advocates for wearable, simplistic and vibrant clothing that can be reworn limitlessly across seasons, and as part of a capsule wardrobe! When shopping for clothes, go for items that you can rewear and style across a multitude of outfits. Take for example our Organic Unisex T-shirt in core colours black & white, as your simple outfit basics that can be styled in a whole host of ways to create new looks. When creating your capsule wardrobe, aim for stylish pieces that are less trend focused that can be easily worn in different ways, for example having a classic black blazer is a great key piece to have in your capsule wardrobe, and can be used to create outfits across the seasons in different ways! Capsule wardrobes don't need to be boring though - don't feel you have to stick to neutrals if you LOVE the colour yellow for example. As long as you can style the piece in multiple ways (not just a wear once, one way piece) then you can get as creative as you like when building your basics!



4. Learn how to repair, rewear, and upcycle!

There are so many amazing resources to inspire you when it comes to upcycling. Get creative and revamp the shape of old clothes, add embellishment, or for example, we are loving the current trend of cutting up old (laddered tights) to make a stylised top! Reparations may seem daunting at first, but there are a whole wealth of incredible resources on Youtube, or if that fails - a professional! 

5. Quality over quantity 

Although cheap fast fashion brands can be tempting, they often do not work out better for you economically due to the rate you need to replace them! Shop for brands that provide high-quality basics and pieces that are designed to be worn again and again, and can be accessorised in different ways to create different looks. Here at Kanula, we aim to provide high-quality clothing that can be reworn limitlessly. Check out our Best-sellers for some inspiration, or try to shop for sustainable effortless basics that will carry you through the seasons with ease.  

6. Thrifting - Depop 'till you drop

We love clothes selling sites such as Depop, Vinted & Facebook Marketplace to name a few. Got items you no longer are wearing that you don't want to upcycle or repair? Simply list them online and send them to a new home that will give them more love. These sites are also a great place to shop for preloved styles, and you can secure some great prices on items of value too!