About us


Kanula was born on the cian shores of the beautiful Island of Skiathos by myself and my wife, Richard & Caroline Joyce. The vibrant colours of the Greek landscape and the colourful abstract ceramic designs on plates and vases found on every facade inspired us to create a fun and vibrant brand which reflected the lifestyle and energy that the Island projected.

Sustainable & Ethical

During our travels across Greece we slowly became aware of the nesting beaches of turtles and sadly discovered that they aren't given enough support from charities & organisations. We decided we wanted to help in a meaningful way and decided to set up a clothing brand specifically to raise funds to help the turtles which we decided to call Kanula.

Kanula would be an ethical and sustainable brand which would focus on giving back to the planet instead of shareholders and in doing so, we focused on producing no plastic waste materials which often end up polluting the oceans and harming sea life like turtles.

Slow Fashion & Safe Delivery

By the time we left Skiathos we knew exactly what we going to do with the brand. We researched a number of turtle charities and decided on charity called Sea Turtle Conservancy because it was small and run by passionate people who care as opposed to a large charity with a highly paid management organisation

We design garments for living in, for any situation and for basic needs and we want all our hard work to be invested in something bigger than ourselves. Finding a charity that felt right for Kanula and fitted in with our ethos was an important decision but we knew it must be small charity where whatever we raise for them would have a large impact - 8% of every purchase you make goes directly to the sea turtle conservancy, one of the world's oldest sea turtle conservations.