Y.O.U Underwear and Organic Clothing

Y.O.U Underwear and Organic Clothing

Organic cotton is becoming widely used as a more sustainable alternative to conventional cotton. We sat down with Sarah Jordan, founder of Y.O.U Underwear, to discuss some of the reasons why she chose to create her range of ethical undies with 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton.

Sarah started Y.O.U Underwear after a trip to Uganda in 2016, where she came face-to-face with the problems associated with not having access to underwear. In some communities, girls miss a week of school when they’re on their periods, due to a lack of underwear and sanitary products. Instead of getting her knickers in a twist about it, Sarah founded Y.O.U Underwear on a buy-one-give-two model with the charity Smalls for All. Y.O.U Underwear has since donated over 14,000 pairs of underwear, positively impacting the lives of thousands of women and children in Africa and the UK.

What are the benefits of organic cotton for consumers?

Sarah: One thing our customers always say is that our underwear feels so soft! And it’s true – organic cotton is remarkably comfortable to wear, and the great thing is that it retains its softness over time. The reason for this superior feel comes down to the harvesting process - Organic cotton tends to be grown on a much smaller scale than conventional cotton (by independent farmers), which means it’s usually handpicked. This is much gentler than mechanical harvesting – fibres don’t get weakened or broken. Overall, this results in longer, softer fibres that feel smoother on the skin. And they also make a much more durable fibre, so you may find that your organic cotton clothing lasts longer!

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Is organic cotton better for you?

Sarah: The growing of organic cotton requires no pesticides, herbicides or insecticides – harsh chemicals that are sprayed in huge volumes on conventional cotton (which is one of the world’s most polluting crops). Residues of these chemicals are present in finished products, and they can cause anything from headaches to dizziness. Underwear is worn right next to the most sensitive parts of our bodies, so it makes sense to use the gentlest of fabrics!

On a health front, it’s also important to note the severe impact that non-organic cotton has on the people who work directly with the crop at the beginning of the supply chain. according to the UN up to 200,000 deaths each year are caused by pesticide poisoning in developing countries. By contrast, organic cotton poses no health risk to the people who harvest and process it, and in fact lead to greater economic security and improved soil health. 

Is organic cotton more sustainable?

Sarah: Yes! Not only does conventional cotton require vast amounts of harsh chemicals to help it grow, it also uses far less water and energy and is responsible for fewer greenhouse gasses too.

You can check out Y.O.U Underwear’s full range for women, men and girls on their website: https://www.youunderwear.com/