Our Quarterly Press Release Wins!

Our Quarterly Press Release Wins!

We are extremely grateful for the regional and national coverage that Kanula has received since our launch in October 2020. As mentioned in our story post, Kanula would be an ethical and sustainable brand which would focus on giving back to the planet instead of shareholders and in doing so, we focused on producing no plastic waste materials and making regular donations to the Sea Turtle Conservancy.

In an attempt to say thank you and express our gratitude, we have summarised some of our favourite articles below.

Regional business launch

We have received a lot of support within our region in regards to our founder story. Our first article release was by regional newspaper Express & Star and featured both online and in print. The news article focused on narrating the beginnings of the brand and our contribution to the welfare of sea turtles which sadly receive little support. Kanula, whose factory and warehouse are based on Conduit Road in Norton Canes, aims to produce sportswear garments designed to stand the test of time. In doing so, we ensure no plastic waste materials are utilised in our factories as these often result in polluting the oceans and harming sea life. We want to thank Business Live, BDaily and Business Mondays for reflecting this message on their platforms and spreading our message so adequately. 

National business launch

In early November, Kanula saw a huge win across the board when we featured on a double spread of The Daily Mirror. This was a day to remember as our sales saw a notable increase throughout the week and we started to see a real growth in the sustainable community across all our platforms.

Editorial Promotion: Organic Cotton T-Shirt 

Once the brand foundations and our story had been communicated we began to receive some great support via editorial promotions in the national media. From ‘giveaway competitions’ with publications such as Closer Magazine, Bella and Take a Break to ‘social media collaborations’ with businesses in the sustainable space like Ecozone. Due to this pragmatic activity,  Kanula received incredible engagement from new customers across the country. 

Editorial product placement in the national consumer media

Finally, we saw some seasonal product placements on ‘wish lists’ such as the article by Small Talk Magazine suggesting Sustainable Christmas Gifts. Additionally, we felt extremely pleased to feature in several not-for-profit articles such as The best charity gifts to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside by Woman and Home, a popular women's lifestyle magazine with a huge readership, to reinforce our charitable cause and communicate the final aim of this family business venture; to give back to the planet supporting small organisations.

We are proactive and inclusive in the way we do business which is why  we are constantly looking to partner up with other businesses, charities, press platforms and individuals who care and share the same ethos as Kanula. If you would like to get in contact to discuss a potential partnership, please email kanulasocial@uniwear.co.uk