Summer Season & Kanula

Summer Season & Kanula

Summer is on the horizon

As we start to drift into months of warmer days and bluer skies, it is time to refresh your wardrobes for lighter and brighter wear. Kanula has everything you need for your spring weekenders and bank holidays bloomers, right through to your summer vacations.

Everyone wants a set of clothes to feel their best and look their best in! As well as being certain that the chosen fabric has got you covered, whatever the situation and whatever the weather. A set of garments which you can dress up or dress down? This is where Kanula comes in! We are Kanula, we are unique. We deliver clothing that adapts, ready for all bare necessities. Kanula wear has a quick-drying fabric that keeps you cool and secure whatever your activity. Owning a set of clothes you can rely on, isn’t that something to shout about!

Make comfort your signature style!

Relaxed design, where comfort comes first is one which many are finding themselves more suited to. The past year with Covid ensuring we stay in, comfort has been more key than ever as we’ve only really been lounging around the house. However, we have seen a steady increase in people's needs for breathable, durable and seamless support when you need it most. 

Comfortable loungewear is a 2021 fashion essential, which came into popularity during lockdown one, but has no intention of leaving, even now that restrictions have begun to be lifted! Shoppers want long-lasting, reliable and comfortable clothing, and Kanula has all of this covered. 

Over the past few years, we feel that the term quality has ultimately been overused and has lost its meaning. It is broadly used across the board in terms of sales and marketing, for many brands and even those which practise fast fashion. Many brands claim that they have an ethos of quality clothing when in reality they pay their workers poorly and market the clothes as so cheap we position the products as replaceable after one time of wearing. 

We want to put the meaning back in quality and we want to reposition the way individuals view fashion and purchasing. Our Kanula fashion is built to withstand wear for years and years to come, and not just for one or two occasions. This is what we pride ourselves on. 

When we take a second to think about how many raw material resources, time and thought to go into creating garments for consumers. And that is carbon emissions, water and energy usage as well as natural resource extraction. As well as the time involved with designing and researching trends, we should hold on to our clothes as long as possible. We also need to shift our focus to recycling and reusing, by handing clothes down to different generations. This is not reinventing the wheel in any way, it's just a concept that seems to have been largely forgotten in recent years.

Recent review from @sophiekellyfitness

Sophie Kelly, a fitness influencer from Stafford tried out some of our Kanula wear. Sophie is active regularly and is always on the hunt for the next best set of comfortable gym gear. Sophie said she is really behind the Kanula brand ethos and mentioned she would be returning to purchase a wider range of garments to expand her wardrobe and as well recommend to her network. Sophie works with @ryderwear regularly and mentioned that the Kanula garments would be perfect for gym and activewear for many who are looking for quality and reliable material.

Kanula gifted Sophie the organic t-shirt and the unisex sweatshirt and she received a matching turtle necklace. 

Sophie posted: ‘I will be wearing this white Kanula t-shirt all the time, and it was meant to be as my favourite animals are Turtles and Elephants! I buy into the ethos of Kanula and am happy I have been able to work with such a distinguished brand’. 

Kanula Turtle Necklaces!


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Join the Kanula community where comfort is a signature and all-rounded style in every outfit and every set. Browse through our lifestyle wear and choose from a range of vibrant colours to match every individual. 

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