Sustainable Laundry Tips from Ecozone


So, you’ve done your part by choosing to wear ethical and sustainable clothing, but the choices we make to reduce our impact on the planet don’t stop at the clothes we buy. We also need to make responsible choices when it comes to caring for them. Eco-friendly, vegan cleaning brand Ecozone has shared some top tips for caring for your clothing in a sustainable fashion.

Keep it cool

Did you know that the process of heating water accounts for up to 90% of the total energy your washing machine uses? Most of the time, there’s no need to wash at such high temperatures and choosing a 30-degree cycle can be more than enough. Not only can switching from a hot to a warm wash cut energy use in half, but your clothes will thank you for it as it’s less harsh on material, helping to keep them looking and feeling their best for longer.

 Dry the natural way

Where possible, dry clothes on a washing line outside or use an airer indoors rather than putting them in a tumble dryer. It’s no secret that tumble dryers can damage clothes, from shrinking to fading, ripping and tearing, but they also make up a big part of a household’s energy use. Using a longer spin cycle during washing reduces moisture in clothes, helping them to dry faster when hung up. If you do have to rely on a tumble dryer, try using Ecozone’s Dryer Cubes. They lift and separate clothes, allowing them to dry faster to save time and energy, as well as relaxing the fibres of fabric to keep it soft and limit the need for ironing.

Wash less often

Unless they’re particularly dirty, there’s no need to wash clothes after every wear and washing regularly can actually fade colours, thin fabric and cause stiches to fray. Avoid unnecessary damage by limiting the amount of times you wash clothes and wearing them until they really need to be cleaned. On a related note, try not to do half loads and, instead, make sure the washing machine is full each time. This will help avoid wasting energy and water, while also conserving laundry detergent and reducing energy bills. If you have a small load that needs to be washed ASAP, it might be worth hand washing instead.

Pick the right products

Many detergents and stain removers contain harmful hidden chemicals that make their way into the water system. At Ecozone, all of our laundry products, from Laundry Capsules and Liquid to our innovative Ecoballs, contain plant-based ingredients and are certified safe for aquatic life, so you won’t be causing damage to the environment by using them. Our Fabric Conditioners are also free from synthetic dyes, petrochemicals and tallow. In fact, none of our products contain any animal-derived ingredient whatsoever, so they’re vegan and cruelty-free, too.

Don’t throw it out

It’s inevitable that clothes will look past their best after a while of wearing and washing, but avoid throwing anything away that’s perfectly wearable. To keep clothes looking their best, try using Pure Oxygen Tablets rather than relying on chemical stain removers. They’re free from chlorine bleach and other optical brighteners, and they help bring colours back to life while removing stains and grime, using only the power of oxygen and natural ingredients. Of course, shopping wisely and avoiding fast fashion in favour of quality brands like Kanula is the first step in making sure that you avoid as much clothing waste as possible.

Use the right machine

Different washing machines can vary massively in terms of how much electricity they use, with older machines generally being less efficient. There’s also a big difference between front and top-loading machines, with the former using far less energy and water than the latter. Although the initial investment might be off-putting, the energy savings from a new machine can actually offset the cost. If that’s not a viable option, keep your machine healthy with our Washing Machine and Dishwasher Cleaner, which effectively removes limescale and cleans appliances and pipework with a non-toxic, septic tank safe formula.

So, there we have it, some simple tips to help keep your clothes looking their best while minimising your impact on the environment. Learn more about eco-friendly cleaning products at